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The “Blue Flag” is an international symbol of quality awarded to organised beaches and marinas who meet 33 stringent criteria relating amongst others to exceptional swimming water quality, cleanliness, environmental education/ information/ management, protection of the beach and coastal area environment as well as safety of swimmers and visitors.

According to the current Regulation, to nominate a beach for
the acquisition of a Blue Flag, a year must have passed during
which the candidate beach will meet the awarding criteria in
full and, after the committee responsible verifies that that’s
indeed the case, next year it can be awarded a “Blue Flag”.

The Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (HSPN)
is the National Operator of the “Blue Flag” International
Program in Greece. This year 545 coasts, 16 marinas and 6
tourism boats received the award. Greece is in the 2nd place
worldwide among 49 countries. Of the 11 beaches with Blue
Flags in Sporades, 10 belong to Skiathos.

For 2020, the Municipality of Skiathos had been awarded
with two Blue Flags for Koukounaries and Maratha beaches
respectively. In May 2021, Skiathos was awarded 10 Blue
Flags for the beaches Koukounaries, Maratha, Megali

Source: https://skiathos.gr/index.php/en/paralies-2.html

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